There are a hundred reasons to be suspicious of vaccines and the all-out push to make them mandatory, i.e. NON-CONSENSUAL, erasing basic civil rights including our sovereign natural right to determine, and to know, exactly what goes into ours and our children’s bodies.

    For those asking themselves, Isn’t this just to make sure everyone is safe from disease

    Possibly adding,  You are probably one of those psuedoscientific fringe dwellers my pediatrcian warned me about. My doctor wouldn’t force me to put toxic chemicals into my precious child, much less ingredients and synergistic combinations that destroy natural immune function–

    –and include cancer genes, that actually GIVE you cancer,

    — and include aborted fetus parts, 

    –and are untested, with no long term results

    –and  include deadly toxins like mercury and aluminum and thimerosal (despite unsubstantiated claims to the contrary and false debunking CIA sites like Snopes and sites paid for by Big Pharma) 

    –and that actually don’t work, right?

    You are obviously a batsh@#T crazy conspiracy theorist!

    You must be aware by now of some problems with this argument.

    Let’s begin  with:

    IF your child is vaccinated against diseases, why then are you worried about unvaccinated children spreading them to your child?   

    The Big Pharma Medical Program

    Pediatricians, like all doctors, are indoctrinated into the big PHARMA MEDICAL PROGRAM in schools,  and become increasingly sewn in throughout their careers, until they are 100% committed financially, moralistically and philosophically. You think your doctor is good and kind and cares deeply about your child. But they buy into the BS like so many of us, compartmentalizing inner objections or thoughts contrary to popular thinking, lest breaking out of this box gets them into trouble, censured, on some level ousted—or worse.

    Pay-to-Play Vax Program

    Don’t believe me? Whistleblowers (who haven’t been suicided) have revealed the ENORMOUS financial bonuses given to pediatricians by vaccines makers, upwards of $80k+  a year.

    Incentivizing Pediatricians to Follow the CDC Vaccine Schedule

    Are Physicians Given Financial Incentives to Vaccinate Our Children?

    Add to this the endless supply of propaganda (read garbage) from the BOUGHT AND SOLD FDA AND AMA, and the murder of those who speak out—and you’ve got a highly toxic industry machine that forces out all parents who ask questions and try to exempt their children from this illegal and highly virulent process.


    The argument most people have with themselves over thie v a c c i n a t i o n issue is based on  fraudulant information, and is too extensive to go into here. Stated simply, there are grave reasons to be skeptical of v a c c i n e s and and their toxicity, as well as the motive for including these toxic ingredients, their true efficacy and untested long term effects, as well the enormous push to  mandate vaccines across the board.

    Let’s repeat that. No matter how toxic, ineffective, or unnecessary they may be, vaccines are being forced upon us without exception–eradicating all medical, physical, philosophical  and religious exclusions. 



    From a SPEAK Project team member:  “I can tell you from personal experience that my oncologist wanted to give me an entire repertoire of vaccines after my bone marrow transplant. I refused 3 times, and after the 3rd time he brought two nurses with him on the 4th attempt to get me to take them. 

    After I refused he said ” What if I could prove to you we have 2 sets of vaccines. One for the regular people with all the additives and one set for the GOOD people ?”

    After I picked myself off the floor I told him I would think about it.

    My Doctor’s name was Dr. Faid Anwar

    University of Arizona Oncologist

    The type of universal mandate being set for vaccines should be of concern to everyone and set off some ferocious-sounding bells. 

    Does this really sound like a public health concern to you, or does it reek of tyranny? 

    Add to this the refusal of congress to allow vaccine to accept legal responisbility for vaccine injuries.

    Add to this the crackdown by YouTube, Google, Amazon, and all social media on any talk about vaccines, including the shut out of major health sites like Dr. Mercola and Natural News, and you have got to be wondering:

     What Don’t They Want Us To Know or to Tell Each Another?

    The Biggest Untold Secret & Murder Of Those Who Tried To Share This Truth 

    Let’s start with the murdered Holistic doctors list. There are too many to successfully count, but health advocates like Erin Elizabeth at Heath Nut News (banned ) and Dr. Rima at Natural Solutions have done their best to keep up.

    There are obvious unifying factors among these doctors, and the first is that  most, if not all of them, understood the causative link between autism and v a c c i n e s.

    Some shared this information publically, or among their patients. Now they are dead.

    Is the Autism Epidemic Real?

    The next, lesser known fact that links many of these doctors is the link between v a c c i n e s and cancer. Specifically, vax makers have added a substance that blocks the body’s ability to fight cancer. 

    What’s more, they have added substance added to v a c c i n es that gives you cancer. YES, GIVES YOU CANCER.  

    Can you say $200 billon+ cancer industry??


    The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure

    The  doctors who shared the truth of vaccines, the things they contained and worse, and the harm they caused, are yes, BOOM. DEAD.


    Nagalese is an ingredient included in nearly all vaccines. Nagalese is a protein created by cancer cells that prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body. Vitamin D is the body’s primary natural defense against cancer cells.

    Vitamin D also prevents autism, which is why perhaps nagalese is present in high concentrations in autistic children. This, undoubtedly is the missing link whcich multiple holistic doctors found, and which brought about their murders.

    From Dr. Mike Nichols:

    “Nagalase is an enzyme found in the body and it has a role to play in breaking down the sugar we take in our food into other forms that can be utilized in the body in the struggle for survival. However, nagalase is a short form for the incredibly long scientific name it represents: N-acetyl-Galactosaminidase. Nagalase has specialized in splitting off a specific sugar molecule from other large molecules. This molecule is known as N-acetyl galactosamine. Nagalase splits this molecule from Vitamin D-binding protein (DBP) that can be found in serum and is also known as Gc-protein. 

    The important thing about nagalase is that the scientific community has discovered nagalase levels are increased in patients with tumors (cancer) 1, 2. Furthermore, nagalase depresses the activity of the immune system, and this activity helps cancer cells to grow and tumors to metastasize (spread) to other body organs and sites. Nagalase Testing – What is Nagalase and Why You Need to Know About It?

    From “The GCMAF Book:

    “Nagalase is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza, herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, and others).  

    Why is Nagalase important?

    Nagalase causes immunodeficiency. Nagalase blocks production of GcMAF, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job. Without an active immune system, cancer and viral infections can grow unchecked.

    As an extremely sensitive marker for all cancers, Nagalase provides a powerful system for early detection.

    Serial Nagalase testing provides a reliable and accurate method for tracking the results of any therapeutic regimen for cancer, AIDS, or other chronic viral infection.

    Nagalase proves that cancer cells break all the rules

    Normal healthy cells cooperate with one another in a concerted effort to further the good of all. Cancer cells refuse to play ball. Their disdainful attitude toward the rest of our cellular community is appalling. For example, these cellular scofflaws ignore clear messages to stop growing and spreading and encroaching on their neighbor’s space. How would you like it if your neighbor moved his fence over into your backyard?

    Of all the rules cancer cells break, none is more alarming than the production of Nagalase, the evil enzyme that completely hog-ties the immune system army’s ability to stop cancer cells.

    Virus particles also make Nagalase. Their goal is the same as that of the cancer cells: survival by incapacitating their number one enemy: the immune system.”


    GcMAF, on the other hand, (group specific component macrophage activating factor) is the protein made by your body to activate anti-cancer immune activity.

    From the disbanded and banned 8 Chan:

    Nagalese blocks the G cMAFprotein from attaching itself to vitamin D, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job and therefore causing cancer and other serious diseases. Without an active immune system, cancer and viral infections can spread rapidly.

    Remarkably, there’s a significant amount of research available on nagalase and the GcMAF protein. Citing a chapter from The GcMAF Book by Dr. Tim Smith, MD, Dr. Broer said:

    Nagalase is like a stealth bomber, the nagalase enzyme synthesized in or released from cancer cells or a virus particle pinpoints the GcMAF protein facilities on the surface of your T and B lymphocytes and simply wipes them out with an incredibly precise bomb.

    How precise? Nagalase locates and attacks one specific two-electron bond located only at the 420th amino acid position on a huge protein molecule, one of tens of thousands of proteins, each containing millions of electrons.

    This is like selectively taking out a park bench in a major city from 6,000 miles away. More astonishingly, if that is possible, nagalase never misses its target, so there is no collateral damage.




    U.S. govt. search warrant document served against Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet to confiscate GcMAF from his research facility.


    Americans Can Handle an Open Discussion on Vaccines—RFK, Jr. Responds to Criticism from His Family



    GcMAF: A Potential Anti-Cancer Therapy?








    Boom: Google Crushes Traffic To Mercola.com By 99%





  • The Supreme Court Rules Vaccines as Unavoidably Unsafe

    The article by Ariana Cha exemplified what pharmaceutical companies love to parade. Basically, be afraid of measles, mumps and chicken pox, but vaccines are totally safe. Don’t trust the “fraudulent” Andrew Wakefield.

    The Supreme Court has ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, cell lines from aborted fetuses, tissue from hamsters, dog kidneys, monkeys, peanut oil adjuvants and much more. Would you put this in your child’s orange juice? No! Allowing hazardous material injections into their children’s bloodstreams has caused untold grief for tens of thousands of parents.

    Congress protects the pharmaceutical companies from liability.

    Vaccine Injury Court has paid out over $3 billion in damages.

    Vaccines are not run through the same rigorous trials as drugs. A “vaccinated vs. unvaccinated” study has never been conducted. No one has ever done a double-blind placebo controlled study on multiple-dose vaccines given multiple times.

    Most people who express vaccination concerns were at one time ardent proponents. The illness breakouts are occurring among the vaccinated.

    The number of reported adverse reactions to the MMR since 1990 is nearly 7,000, and most are not reported. Why didn’t the article mention that?

    A reasonable adult might be able to think that multiple toxic and neurotoxic substances simultaneously and repeatedly injected into the bloodstream just might cause problems. How does this match the “First do no harm” mantra?

    The Disneyland measles fiasco created by the media was designed to raise fear. None of the children died. The media failed to mention that we now have an autism rate of 1 in 68. Autism is far more life-debilitating than measles. By 2025, the projected rate is 1 out of 2, and we are still saying vaccines don’t cause it. That makes some people feel good, but the reality is that many parents know better.

    A good reporter digs for truth. Vaccines, however, are fiercely protected from exposure to truth. The media is solidly in bed with vaccine manufacturers. Thus, we have a grassroots movement that is trying to get the attention of the government, the media and the people.

    The journalist, doctor, researcher or scientist who really listens, researches and thinks critically stands to lose everything. Guaranteed. Most are not willing to pay that price.

    Meanwhile, our children are paying heavily. They have behavioral disorders, autism, asthma, allergies, seizures, permanent disabilities and much more. The pediatric specialists have waiting lists; the special education and regular classroom teachers are alarmed. The cost of caring for autistic children now totals $2,400,000,000,000 while we argue and believe the lies that vaccines have nothing to do with it. This helps the vaccine manufacturers keep the projected income increase at 12.63 percent while our children continue to be sacrificed on their altar.

    Wake up, people! Documented evidence indicates that your doctor, public health worker and legislator have been intentionally uninformed by the CDC concerning the dangers of vaccines and the “herd immunity myth.” Go to www.westonaprice.org or www.nvic.org to learn more.

  • What is MRC-5? Who Owns the Patent?

    What is in your vaccinations? MRC-5 is a diploid human cell culture line (of a cell or nucleus – containing two complete sets of chromosomes, one from each parent) composed of fibroblasts (fibroblast is a type of biological cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen, produces the structural framework (stroma) for animal tissues, and plays a critical role in wound healing) derived from lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted, Caucasian male fetus. MRC-5 cells are used to produce several vaccines including MMR, Varicella and Polio. Infected MRC-5 cells secrete the virus, and can be cultured in large volumes suitable for commercial production.

    PROOF: THERE IS HUMAN STRAINS IN VACCINES – https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/human-cell-strains-vaccine-development

    The Abortion Industry’s Contributions

    The following tissues are isolated from aborted babies:

    • MRC-5 lung tissue
    • WI-38 lung tissue
    • PER-C6 retinal tissue

    Who Owns the Patent?





    New York State attorneys leave New Yorkers feeling helpless when advised not to pursue litigation in the Supreme Court.

    Early this morning I received a message with a notification from the attorneys fighting to halt the ban on religious exemptions against the forced delivery of the MMR Vaccine. 

    “In the interests of prompt disclosure and transparency, lawyers involved in the religious repeal litigation had a conference call this evening.  For personal reasons, I could not participate although I had requested the call and expected to do so.

    After the call, those involved conveyed to me their consensus that I NOT seek review by the Supreme Court of the United States of the denial of the preliminary injunction of the religious repeal by NY courts.  

    I was advised that those on the call felt that the Supreme Court would more than likely reiterate the validity of court precedent permitting states to act as New York did rather than view New York’s action as an impermissible instance of religious discrimination.  Whatever my personal views, I defer to those who have more experience litigating ‘vaccine’ cases and will NOT seek the review they oppose my seeking.  

    I report this rather immediately because, on these pages, I have previously expressed a desire to seek review of the state courts’ denial of the preliminary injunction I sought by the U.S. Supreme Court.  From your responses, I know that many of you have supported that path.  I was unaware until tonight of opposition by the other lawyers involved to that course, but feel it inappropriate to act in a manner contrary to the guidance of lawyers both equally committed to your cause and more experienced in the pitfalls of perils of seeking such review than I am.  

    Finally, I am awaiting a decision on the State’s motion to dismiss the case we filed challenging the religious repeal.  I will keep you all apprised when I receive the decision rendered by Judge Hartman on that motion. 

    Thank you very much for your support through this process.”

    My immediate thought after receiving this message was, The fix is inThey’re throwing the game.

    I predicted this exact course of action back in August. Despite ample litigation efforts, there wasn’t a complete case filed that I could see winning. This made me think that the attorneys were doing a service to the Civil Courts by satiating the people with the half-hearted attempt at filing a grievance while knowing they had never put together a solid case. The people placed their trust in the attorneys. The average person believes an independent attorney they have paid is working for them as their representation with their best interests in mind. But, the attorney is an officer of the Court and holds a separate loyalty as a member of the British Accredited Registry-thus loyal to the nobility of the Crown.

    The Courts in New York have already established irreparable harm as a result of the vaccines in question by the same legal pursuit. However the attorneys filing the current lawsuits have not addressed certain issues, already established, that prove that the risk caused by the use of vaccines outweighs the dangers they allege to prevent.  Obvious evidence of wrongdoing has been present for years related to the pharmaceutical industry and the liberties it has taken with human life in order to make a profitable drug. 

    Violations of the Child Vaccination Liability Law from 1985 include the failure to produce the congressionally mandated biannual reports for 33 years by the FDA, CDC, HHS, and the pharmaceutical companies, so as to demonstrate evidence of safer and more effective vaccines.

    When the use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) produced evidence of noncompliance, it demonstrated enough violation to prove criminal racketeering and an engineered plot to leverage human life against the success of the medical economy.(Referencehttps://childrenshealthdefense.org/wp-content/uploads/FDA-Relied-Upon-STUDIES-LICENSING-MMR-VACCINE-FOIA.pdf

    Furthermore, evidence produced via the U.S. Patent Office demonstrates that the ownership of said vaccine rights belongs to the CDC and that the same body acts as the regulatory authority for the safety and efficacy of these drugs.

    In 2010, two virologists employed by Merck Pharmaceuticals went on record under oath stating that drug company executives instructed them to spike the results from vaccine studies to create a false positive for the creation of antibodies against mumps, measles and rubella. (Reference) https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.paed.381331.20.0.pdf

    An independent body out of Italy identified the entire human genome of an aborted fetus infected with Leukemia in the MMR Vaccine in 2019.

    Toxic levels of Aluminum, Mercury, and MRC-5 were also identified as active signals with the ability and tendency to permanently manipulate the function of DNA. As already stated by the regulatory authorities, the research to validate how this contributes to human immunity–as has been claimed by the makers and that is commonly believed by the media and public–has not been undertaken.


    After filing as the plaintiff, placing the burden of proof on the regulatory authorities to demonstrate their compliance with the congressional mandate, we can establish that the authorities have violated the act that provided them immunity from all liability for damages caused by the vaccines. This is a clear violation of the mandate given to Human Health Services, who have already been provided opportunity to show evidence to the contrary, and are thus prevented from producing further evidence after the case is filed. 

    The Supreme Court’s ruling that establishes the imposition of vaccines in the case of a public health emergency does not apply to this case.

    880 cases of measles out of 20 million people creates a .00004% risk of any New Yorker contracting the measles.

    This cannot be justified as an emergency to remove Constitutional rights because the risk of using vaccines does not outweigh the benefit. According to reports provided by the U.S. Government, more deaths and autoimmune disorders have been caused by using the MMR vaccine in the past three years than deaths or related disorders in the past 30 years caused by the unvaccinated population infected with the measles.

    The American Constitution is the overriding Law of the Land. Jurisprudence 177 Section 2 states that a state cannot create any law or statute appearing to look like a law that violates our Constitutional rights. These rights were not given to us by the Government and therefore cannot be taken from us by the Government. Furthermore, said statute is not recognized as a law and in fact is a no law, unenforceable by any regulatory authority and as such does not have to be obeyed by the people. The Government official who instituted such “law” can be immediately removed from office and held accountable on criminal charges.

    During the Nuremberg Trials the law was recognized by the Treaty of Versailles, which states that no human life can be given any form of untested medication without their informed consent. As already established by the failure of the U.S. Corporation to reveal the many established and potential risks of vaccines, Merck’s attempt to manipulate the data, and HHS’ failure to comply with congressionally mandated research and reporting, informed co-consent is impossible to provide.

    This undeniable fact proves that these same entities are guilty of crimes against humanity based upon their failure to perform. Further data and investigation establish gross negligence to act in the best interests of human health, and therefore any claim of a “health crisis” based on a measles outbreak is immediately null and void. In addition, the established authorities of this state of emergency cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the people based on their current and 33 year history of gross negligence.

    The Constitution was established to regulate the Government, assist the people, and protect our freedom. The false narrative and sales pitch that has infected the mainstream rhetoric condemns intelligent and fact-based research while endorsing claims of protection and immunity without any solid data to support said claims. There is no lawful way in which these unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments hold the power or urgency to suspend our Constitutional rights.

    This issue is not only about immunity against a common and relatively harmless virus. The real issue concerns a much more powerful virus, one that has infected the American people and which must be immediately eradicated –that of ignorance. We blindly accept anything that is repeated enough times on television, the internet, or in our society groups. Our collective agreement to remain ignorant is not an acceptable practice when it comes to the lives of our children and their ability to thrive.

    Prior to any medical procedure, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service (“HHS”) explains that the “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”https://ori.hhs.gov/chapter-3-The-Protection-of-Human-Subjects-nuremberg-code-directives-human-experimentation

  • CDC Director Admits Bias and Withholding Data Linking Vaccine to Autism

    Health Impact News Editor Comments

    Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has posted a recorded phone call she just had with Dr. Frank DeStefano, the CDC Director of Immunization Safety. Dr. DeStefano was a co-author with CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson on a 2004 study that originally was put forward as research showing there was no link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Thompson has come forward and revealed that data was withheld from the public that showed an increased risk of autism in certain populations, specifically African American boys. The CDC has already made a public announcement admitting that they did withhold some data.

    Dr. DeStefano has publicly stated that he will reveal the data again, but he is standing by the original study. A new audio recording of a conversation he just had with independent investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson can be heard here.

    In this interview, Dr. DeStefano admitted that the CDC omitted a large group of African American children based on the absence of birth certificates. When Sharyl asked him about Dr. Thompson’s concerns about the data showing a stronger link between vaccines and autism he replied:

    yeah, I mean at the time he did these analyses he did, you know, he did point out that in one group, you know in that larger group the the the measures of association [between MMR vaccine and autism] were higher than in the, uh, birth certificate group and, you know, we discussed that and for the reasons I mentioned, uh, we came to consensus that the, uh, birth certificate uh results were more valid.

    The CDC’s response, which Dr. DeStefano also repeated in this interview, is that the absence of birth certificates among some children meant that key data, such as race, birth weight, the mother’s age, and the mother’s education was missing, but present among those with birth certificates, and therefore they were not included in the study.

    Sharyl stated that she had a copy of a birth certificate with her as she was talking to him on the phone, and she asked:

    Um, I was looking at one of the birth certificates and it doesn’t have – maybe you could find one that has birth weight, mother’s education, the one I’m looking at doesn’t have any of that on there.

    Dr. DeStefano’s reply, or the lack of a reply from him and the CDC explaining exactly how they obtained this data, has opened up a lot of questions as to just how this data could have been available simply on the basis of a birth certificate.

    Ah, I mean I don’t know what, which one you’re looking at, I mean we get to these data were, uh, you know, right from the birth, birth, uh, the Georgia birth certificate files that contained those data.

    Sharyl then asked him why the excluded data would not be important enough to investigate further since it contained such a higher rate of autism. Dr. DeStefano’s reply was very typical of the bias that currently exists among CDC scientists when it comes to autism:

    you know, autism, as you probably are aware, is a condition that really probably has its start while the child is still in the womb. And, you now, it doesn’t, some of the behaviors and such don’t come apparent, become apparent until maybe the child is one, two, three years old.

    In other words, autism is completely due to genetic factors, and not environmental. Of course, this flies in the face of both scientific evidence, as well as the experience of many tens of thousands of parents who saw their completely normal child rapidly digress shortly after receiving vaccines. Even the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out damages to children with autism as a result of vaccines.

    So Sharyl asked if this bias towards their view of the causative factors regarding autism in general skewed their view of the data related to vaccines:

     Let me just, let me just interrupt what, before I lose that thought. So you already made up your mind regardless of what the stats show that if it, certain things show that it didn’t make sense, you wouldn’t, you would try to find out a way to…

    to which Dr. DeStefano replied:

     No, that’s not we said, I’m just saying, you know, you interpret, you interpret findings, also, you know, there’s the statistics, then you have to also interpret, bring in things like biological plausibility, how do you interpret these results?

    So it would seem that Dr. DeStefano, who is not a whistle-blower, has come out with his own confession of bias and way of interpreting data so that it does not have to be shared with the public if it is not favorable with what they want to communicate regarding vaccines and autism.


    Dr. Frank DeStefano: I think what [Thompson’s] saying there was a larger, um, uh, odds ratio or association among the–the larger group and that there was not, uh, as strong an association among the birth certificate sample. And I mean, what I say to that, I think we discussed that, uh, as I recall, this was like, you know, over ten years ago, and, uh, I think at the time we had consensus among all co-authors that the birth certificate sample provided the more valid results because it could uh, it had more complete information on, uh, on race for one, and secondly, more importantly, it had information on important factors that, uh, had to be you know controlled for particularly in studies of autism, in particular, it would be things like birth weight, the mother’s age, the mother’s education. So I think for those reasons we were able to adjust for these factors and we thought, you know, we uh, our opinion was that that the results of the birth certificate sample provided the more reliable results. And I think, you know, as I recall, we all came to consensus and, uh, signed off on that, uh, in the paper.

    Attkisson: Were you aware of any of his concerns of, you know, have you been aware before today of any of his concerns about this?

    DeStefano: Uh, uh, yeah, I mean I’ve continued to see, uh, uh, see him for over the past ten years and we’ve interacted fairly frequently, and, uh, uh, no I wasn’t aware of this.

    Attkisson: So whoever he raised his concerns to, he didn’t, he didn’t raise it to you or anybody you knew of?

    DeStefano: No, I mean the last time I saw him was probably about two months ago, and he didn’t mention anything about this.

    Attkisson: And at the time he didn’t seem concerned when you said there was a consensus?

    DeStefano: No, yeah, I mean at the time he did these analyses he did, you know, he did point out that in one group, you know in that larger group the the the measures of association [between MMR vaccine and autism] were higher than in the, uh, birth certificate group and, you know, we discussed that and for the reasons I mentioned, uh, we came to consensus that the, uh, birth certificate uh results were more valid.

    Attkisson: Um, I was looking at one of the birth certificates and it doesn’t have – maybe you could find one that has birth weight, mother’s education, the one I’m looking at doesn’t have any of that on there.

    DeStefano: Ah, I mean I don’t know what, which one you’re looking at, I mean we get to these data were, uh, you know, right from the birth, birth, uh, the Georgia birth certificate files that contained those data.

    Attkisson: Ok. Does is it a valid way of you know, you guys, scientists decide things before papers are published, of course, you use your own judgment on things, but isn’t there a way, is there a valid way to look at it the way Thompson is, where he thinks, apparently, that the larger group without the birth certificates was reason for concern and something that should have been reported? To me, as just as a layperson, I would like to know that– even if, even if it culled out when you, when you got the group down through the birth certificates, I would, I still think it would be pretty important to know…

    DeStefano: No, I mean, I think, you know, the other, the other important consideration here is looking at what, what time period we’re talking about. We’re, you know, autism, as you probably are aware, is a condition that really probably has its start while the child is still in the womb. And, you now, it doesn’t, some of the behaviors and such don’t come apparent, become apparent until maybe the child is one, two, three years old. But, uh, uh what we know about autism that, uh, the, uh, characteristics or behavioral signs do become ava–, you know, apparent by 24 months of age, so. So we had different cut-offs, before 18 months of age, there was no difference in, in any group in terms of, uh, vaccination levels, between the cases and controls. At 24 months of age, when, uh, au—you know—behaviors of autism or some features of autism become apparent, there was no difference between the, uh, cases and controls in any group, it was at 36 months where there was a slight differen—and the difference was we’re talking about a difference between 93% versus 91%, not a, a big difference. But, so that’s at 36 months. And at 36 months, an exposure around that time period is just not biologically plausible to have a uh, uh, a causal association with autism. I mean autism would’ve already started by then.  [I me?] I reiterate it probably starts in the womb, but even if you’re saying, you wanna call it starting by the time some behavioral features become apparent, it had started before 36 months. And then, you know, we, from, so I think from a biological argument, it’s implausible this was a causal association. And then I think we have, uh–pretty convince–

    Attkisson: Let me just, let me just interrupt what, before I lose that thought. So you already made up your mind regardless of what the stats show that if it, certain things show that it didn’t make sense, you wouldn’t, you would try to find out a way to…

    DeStefano: No, that’s not we said, I’m just saying, you know, you interpret, you interpret findings, also, you know, there’s the statistics, then you have to also interpret, bring in things like biological plausibility, how do you interpret these results? So I think we had pretty strong evidence that these results at 36 months were primarily a reflection of requirements to attend early intervention special education programs for the for the children with autism. And why do we say that? We say that because the effect was almost all seen in children 3-5 years of age and those were the ones that early education programs and 98%, you know, 98% of that of that age group was in special education programs for which vaccination was of a requirement.

    Attkisson: Is there any possibility that it is biologically plausible and you just haven’t, you know, that that’s, the consensus is that it’s not, among you guys, but that it is and you’re overlooking that?

    DeStefano: I’m, I’m not aware of any data would, that would s–, you know, that would say that, uh, you would have, um, onset of autism after 36 months.

    CDC Director of Immunization Safety Admits Bias and Withholding Data Linking Vaccines to Autism – Vaccine Impact


  • How Fake News Tries to Control Reality

    CNN and NBC Caught Faking Photo of Baby with Measles


    April 25, 2019

    In the midst of what is being referred to as the worst measles outbreak in 25 years, the mainstream media is doing their part in stoking national hysteria. The point is to convince the general public that measles is the number one health crisis at the moment, and that it is so bad that we must forfeit our right to health freedom and submit to state-sanctioned, forced vaccinations.

    Never mind that there a thousand more pressing and more dangerous health crises to address. Not the least of which is the fact that pharmaceutical drug overdoses kill tens of thousands of Americans every year, with over 70,000 preventable deaths in 2017 alone.

    Never-the-less, the mainstream media is doing everything it can to create hysteria, even doctoring photos of newborn babies, giving them scary measles looking sores to dupe the public into demanding the government take action. But they are faking photos. They are presenting evidence that is fake, as though it were real, when it is not.

    In a clip from a news segment originally aired on CNN, a stock photo of a healthy baby was photoshopped with measles sores, then shown on air along with the message the anti-vaccination information is dangerous.

    Here is the original stock photo, before the image was doctored:

  • Wuhan Virus: Gates Involvement

    “Double-think means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”George Orwell

    Gates is very proud of his investments in pharmaceutical companies. He is also a proponent of mass vaccination, benefiting those pharmaceutical companies in the billions of dollars. His ideals border on genocide, as proven in his Ted talks about drastically reducing the world population. His vaccines are proven sterilizing agents, as exposed in Kenya. They also accidentally kill. Villages in Africa send out word when the vaccinators are encroaching, warning moms to hide their babies (true story). Let’s investigate these facts below.

    Financial Interests

    Philanthropy…such an endearing term. When we hear the word, we think of starving children in Africa being given food, or at-risk youth completing college on full-ride scholarships, or life-saving medicines given to those in need at no cost. However, the word philanthropy in today’s day and age can be used as a way to cause what George Orwell may refer to as “double-think.” Gates has allegedly used his philanthropy to sterilize, maim, and kill children in Africa. India has launched a lawsuit against him claiming that his foundation tested vaccines on low income families and children without informed consent. He loads money into companies with less-than-desirable interests. He brags of his investments in pharmaceutical companies, not for the lives it will save, but rather, the additional check that will end up in his $98.9 billion asset stockpile. Investments in vaccines, and pushing vaccines worldwide; if that is not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

    Family Bloodline

    Bill Gates is not a doctor, though he has been touting vaccines and various medical procedures as if he is, for years. He is the descendant of a woman who was on the board of a world bank, and a father who is a lawyer. His mother, Mary Maxwell, Gates’ father and grandfather were both bankers as well. Her grandfather served as a director of the “Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco”, and “National City Bank” from 1911-1929. This was right around the time of the secret Federal Reserve meetings, which occurred in 1910, and then President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913.

    ID 2020

     He wants to microchip the world via what he calls “ID 2020” so that people’s medical records, vaccinations, name, and personal information can be tracked. ID 2020 is also funded by the Rockefeller foundation that has a grand history of funding wars and genocide. He puppets the ID chip as a means for the “greater good.” The term greater good is used throughout history as a means to pull on the heartstrings of a populace to coerce them into harm. It is a Trojan horse term. Anytime you see it, keep your eyes wide open.

    Event 201

    Event 201 was an eerily timed pandemic ‘exercise’ funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins Center for Health Security in October of 2019, just 2 months before Co-Vid19 began to be announced in worldwide news. It was a 3.5 hour exercise that demonstrated the effects of a pandemic would have on the world – from economic depression to the number of deaths. This “event” had a panel of members from the CDC, UN, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He flaunts his desire to decrease the population in order to decrease the CO2 in our environment. Do we really trust someone who wants to lower the population, being the one funding pandemic exercises and vaccines? And what does Bill Gates really know about Global Health? He is not a doctor, he’s just a computer nerd.

    Gates speaks at a TedTalk explaining how to lower the population to save the planet.

    Forced Vaccination

    Gates wants to force vaccination on the world. This is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, which came out of The Nuremberg trials, when Nazi generals were tried for crimes against humanity. “No experiment without consent…” is one of the rules that came out of the trials and, considering the fact that no doctor gives patients true informed consent when they are vaccinated, vaccines must be considered an experiment without consent. Gates claims that his investments into vaccines and global health initiatives (i.e., UN, WHO, CDC), were the best investments he has ever made. These “government entities” also own the patents on vaccines, which means they profit from the sale of them as well. Someone promoting vaccines, who also makes billions of dollars from the distribution of vaccines, creates a conflict of interest, period.


    Bill Gates is heavily invested in nanotechnology companies. Nanotechnology has the capability of being placed into the body without any knowledge, awareness, or consent of the recipient. It supposedly creates an immune response in the body. While some speak on the possible benefits of nanotechnology in cures for diseases, elimination of poverty, or benefits for food production, many concerns accompany the creation of something so tiny it cannot be seen by the human eye, yet so powerful it could completely alter the course of an individual’s life.

    I often hear people ask how Bill Gates has so much power over decision making across the board. From vaccines, to common core education, to nanotechnology, to being at the table of decision makers for the CDC, WHO, and the UN. Bill Gates is the second largest funder of the WHO. He is a large investor in the CDC, an alleged government agency. The reason he has so much power is because it is, first and foremost, the power that comes with money, then his bloodline and banker family ties, and also the fact that his interests coincide with the globalist agendas of these “institutions.” The UN has been caught sex trafficking children in Africa and Eastern Europe, is responsible for botched vaccines that caused death and suffering of children in South Sudan, and even though the UN has no jurisdiction in America, they have job listings for “reintegration troops” to put Americans in concentration camps if they don’t comply with mandatory vaccinations. Gates’ unison with these companies is not philanthropy, it is supporting the agenda of Rockefeller, Soros, and other dangerous powerful family bloodlines.

    Planned Parenthood Ties

    So why does Gates seem so determined on lowering the world population by force with no consent? Bill Gates’ father became the head of Planned Parenthood, which doesn’t exactly have a great history of not using eugenics. While PP promotes itself under the guise of accessible services to low-income populations it’s original founder, Margaret Sanger, makes her intentions clear; she wants to sterilize those she does not see fit as raising babies. Not only for the sake of their capabilities or income, but also for their skin color, mental health issues, and those she considers having “objectionable traits.” Globalists throughout history have been known for their gruesome fascination with eugenics, as a way to perfect the population. Hitler was one of the most popular figures of eugenicists that made it into the public eye, however, globalist eugenicists lurk in the shadows, doing their dirty work by the darkness of the night.

    Knowledge is power. When we are aware of the powers that attempt to manipulate and control humanity, we are able to transmute their control and regain our power. For millennia there have been forces set out to do evil to enslave us, and now is the time to stand up in truth and integrity to restore our Sovereignty over ourselves. We come in peace, we stand in knowledge, we love our neighbor, we overcome darkness and bring it into the light. Be empowered and walk your path in peace knowing that each of us can contribute to hope.