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Brother Sage has been a successful Wellness practitioner and prolific writer since 1979. Through the influence of Stanley Burroughs, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Prof. Arnold Ehret and Dr. Ann Wigmore, he became a nutritional educator and worked in the Wellness/Nutritional departments of multiple health food stores in Texas, Hawaii and Colorado. He was a top salesman, representative and leader in nutritional companies for 30+ years. Wrote Healing Water from Within(c)2018 and Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers and Therapists(c)2020. The Secrets of Youthing (c)2022 and Healing Water from Within Handbook (c)2022 He is offering radio/TV/Internet interviews, book signings, coaching, trainings, writings and videos on Orin Therapy.

   Enjoy this recent 8.13.18 video interview on Extreme Health Radio of Brother Sage discussing Urine Therapy.

 Inescapable Quotes with Inescapable Art© 2017 was his 4th book to be published.

His published articles, such as “Your Sacred Living Foods and Spiritual Path will not save you from your Mind©2006” have appeared in both the Conscious Connection and Alive and Well Magazines among other prestigious journals offline and online through Brother Sage Facebook page and groups.

Visit and subscribe to Brother Sage Youtube Channel, where he has hosted and produced over 32 World Urine Therapy Conference calls with guest speakers (from major countries with large populations of those practicing UT), 12 UT Courses, instructional and inspirational videos.

     In 2019, along with Christopher Macor, co-founded Shivambhu, a 501(c)3 faith based organization whose mission is to spread the education and awareness of Urine Therapy to the world.  Go to this link to pledge donations: Shivambhu.org/Donations. While you are there look around and explore the site. Join the free membership in the Shivambhu Hut (over 769 members as of September 2022) by clicking on its link and inner joy the latest posts on Orin Therapy and the Shivambhu movement.

     In 2021, he developed the Water Family Directory so anyone can find the nearest Urine Therapy teacher or therapist for answers and support.

Send email to gitsoms@gmail.com if interested in being listed.

      On 2.22.22, he released book #9, The Secrets of Youthing 

     He is the inventor of Affirmation Capsules©1982 & The Human Being Certificate©1987. He wrote, illustrated, self-published, and sold 5000 copies of  Hemp Live Food Vegan Recipes© in 1995, How to Earn Up to $300 a Day Selling Mistletoe©1982, and How to Live Anywhere on Earth for Free©1986.

     Known as the World Famous Foot Man, Voted Best Reflexologist & Masseur to the Stars of Boulder in 2017, one of only three VitaFlex (Reflexology) Master Teachers in the USA & Canada, Father of Hemp Sprouts & Hemp Microgreens Movement 2014 – 2017, and Co-Founder of Activated Living Foods, LLC ©2015 – 2017 with Rebecca Gretz and Michelle Qazi.

     Thanks to being mentored by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray in 1980-1990, He offers Sacred “Breath of Fresh Air©2015”  Breathing sessions & Discussion Groups with such topics as Physical Immortality, Self Healing & Aliveness Mastery. As a student of Louise L Hay in 1980, he has been able to offer Affirmations Therapy, Self Love & Self Mastery.           Brother Sage also provides Spiritual Purification Experiences, Sacred Ceremonies, and Deep Relaxation Sessions which include various body-centered techniques, Original VitaFlex, and Sacred Breathing Methods. Other sacred methods by request.

     He founded Inspiration House (Mesa, Arizona), Life Mastery Center( Maui, Hawaii), and The Center of Aliveness (Boulder, Colorado), is Founder/Director of Divine Presence Ministry, the creator of The Sacred Art of Foot Massage Classes, Urine Therapy Training Course to certify teachers and lay persons, The Slow Fast Retreat, and founder of 1979 You’re Worth It! & Hemp Sprouts Movements & Famous Green You’re Worth it! Wristbands.

For appointments or to book events, call 720.628.2167  He is available for coaching or wellness sessions, classes & talks at Sanctuary Garden,  Home Relaxation Parties,  Festivals, Health Fairs, & House/Office/Hotel calls.

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