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Daniel Li Ox
Qi Gong Master

Daniel Li Ox is the founder of Wandering Dao
Qi Gong, owner of a vegan restaurant for ten
years, and is now the CEO of ZenCleanz. He
was born in Canada in 1961.

A Long distance swimmer from an early age, he had his first
access to eastern esoteric practices at the age of 16 through Yoga. In his
early 20′s he studied Soto Zen and Chinese Medicine and was ordained as
a monk (bodhisattva) in his late 20′s. At this time he started his studies in
Medical Qi Gong and in Daoist Inner Alchemy with Master Mantak Chia
who was coming from Master Yi Eng’s lineage (White Cloud) from the
Dragon’s Gate Sect of the Quanzhen (Complete Perfection) school of
Daoism. Master Chia authorized him to teach.
Later he pursued his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong,
Kung Fu and Daoist Studies with various masters; among them the Kung
Fu Master Gao Yen-Tao and the Nei Gong Master Xuzhong, a monk from
the Golden Elixir lineage.

His main goal always has been to make those self-healing and alchemical
practices accessible to westerners. In the 90′s he founded Tao Quebec, a
Qi Gong School in Canada, which changed name for Wandering Dao Qi
Gong School when he left Canada to teach on the road.
After 25 years of practices and deepening his knowledge of the traditional
system and of the teaching methods that suits better the western mind, he
reorganized the system in a very practical way without compromising the
traditional training.

Daniel has left the Qi Gong training sphere for the moment to pursue the
creation of ZenCleanz: n expansion into the global market of the Chinese
secret of detoxification and purification: enzymes!

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  • It's all about enzymes and destroying the mucosal plaque. I've never felt better and more clear headed. Tiffany - Nurse Practitioner
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