Goldenseal is a bitter yellow root native to North America, prized for its medicinal properties. One of its main uses is to tonify mucous membranes, which benefits sinus congestion as well as digestive complaints. Its bitter taste also stimulates digestive and liver function, increasing bile flow and appetite. It also has broad-spectrum antibiotic activity and is effective against many bacteria, protozoa and fungi. One traditional use was to stimulate contractions in labor, and therefore should not be taken during pregnancy. Topically in can be used for ringworm, eczema, itching and conjunctivitis.

Preparation: 1.5-3g per day as decoction (simmer 5 mins, steep for 15 mins) or powder (mix with warm).

Reference: David Hoffman (2003), Medical Herbalism, p 558., Micheal Tierra (1998), The Way of Herbs, p.141., Image by James Steakley

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Strictly avoid during pregnancy or lactation. Can interfere with phenlybutazone.

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