• Wuhan Virus: Gates Involvement

    “Double-think means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”George Orwell

    Gates is very proud of his investments in pharmaceutical companies. He is also a proponent of mass vaccination, benefiting those pharmaceutical companies in the billions of dollars. His ideals border on genocide, as proven in his Ted talks about drastically reducing the world population. His vaccines are proven sterilizing agents, as exposed in Kenya. They also accidentally kill. Villages in Africa send out word when the vaccinators are encroaching, warning moms to hide their babies (true story). Let’s investigate these facts below.

    Financial Interests

    Philanthropy…such an endearing term. When we hear the word, we think of starving children in Africa being given food, or at-risk youth completing college on full-ride scholarships, or life-saving medicines given to those in need at no cost. However, the word philanthropy in today’s day and age can be used as a way to cause what George Orwell may refer to as “double-think.” Gates has allegedly used his philanthropy to sterilize, maim, and kill children in Africa. India has launched a lawsuit against him claiming that his foundation tested vaccines on low income families and children without informed consent. He loads money into companies with less-than-desirable interests. He brags of his investments in pharmaceutical companies, not for the lives it will save, but rather, the additional check that will end up in his $98.9 billion asset stockpile. Investments in vaccines, and pushing vaccines worldwide; if that is not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

    Family Bloodline

    Bill Gates is not a doctor, though he has been touting vaccines and various medical procedures as if he is, for years. He is the descendant of a woman who was on the board of a world bank, and a father who is a lawyer. His mother, Mary Maxwell, Gates’ father and grandfather were both bankers as well. Her grandfather served as a director of the “Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco”, and “National City Bank” from 1911-1929. This was right around the time of the secret Federal Reserve meetings, which occurred in 1910, and then President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law in 1913.

    ID 2020

     He wants to microchip the world via what he calls “ID 2020” so that people’s medical records, vaccinations, name, and personal information can be tracked. ID 2020 is also funded by the Rockefeller foundation that has a grand history of funding wars and genocide. He puppets the ID chip as a means for the “greater good.” The term greater good is used throughout history as a means to pull on the heartstrings of a populace to coerce them into harm. It is a Trojan horse term. Anytime you see it, keep your eyes wide open.

    Event 201

    Event 201 was an eerily timed pandemic ‘exercise’ funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and John Hopkins Center for Health Security in October of 2019, just 2 months before Co-Vid19 began to be announced in worldwide news. It was a 3.5 hour exercise that demonstrated the effects of a pandemic would have on the world – from economic depression to the number of deaths. This “event” had a panel of members from the CDC, UN, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He flaunts his desire to decrease the population in order to decrease the CO2 in our environment. Do we really trust someone who wants to lower the population, being the one funding pandemic exercises and vaccines? And what does Bill Gates really know about Global Health? He is not a doctor, he’s just a computer nerd.

    Gates speaks at a TedTalk explaining how to lower the population to save the planet.

    Forced Vaccination

    Gates wants to force vaccination on the world. This is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, which came out of The Nuremberg trials, when Nazi generals were tried for crimes against humanity. “No experiment without consent…” is one of the rules that came out of the trials and, considering the fact that no doctor gives patients true informed consent when they are vaccinated, vaccines must be considered an experiment without consent. Gates claims that his investments into vaccines and global health initiatives (i.e., UN, WHO, CDC), were the best investments he has ever made. These “government entities” also own the patents on vaccines, which means they profit from the sale of them as well. Someone promoting vaccines, who also makes billions of dollars from the distribution of vaccines, creates a conflict of interest, period.


    Bill Gates is heavily invested in nanotechnology companies. Nanotechnology has the capability of being placed into the body without any knowledge, awareness, or consent of the recipient. It supposedly creates an immune response in the body. While some speak on the possible benefits of nanotechnology in cures for diseases, elimination of poverty, or benefits for food production, many concerns accompany the creation of something so tiny it cannot be seen by the human eye, yet so powerful it could completely alter the course of an individual’s life.

    I often hear people ask how Bill Gates has so much power over decision making across the board. From vaccines, to common core education, to nanotechnology, to being at the table of decision makers for the CDC, WHO, and the UN. Bill Gates is the second largest funder of the WHO. He is a large investor in the CDC, an alleged government agency. The reason he has so much power is because it is, first and foremost, the power that comes with money, then his bloodline and banker family ties, and also the fact that his interests coincide with the globalist agendas of these “institutions.” The UN has been caught sex trafficking children in Africa and Eastern Europe, is responsible for botched vaccines that caused death and suffering of children in South Sudan, and even though the UN has no jurisdiction in America, they have job listings for “reintegration troops” to put Americans in concentration camps if they don’t comply with mandatory vaccinations. Gates’ unison with these companies is not philanthropy, it is supporting the agenda of Rockefeller, Soros, and other dangerous powerful family bloodlines.

    Planned Parenthood Ties

    So why does Gates seem so determined on lowering the world population by force with no consent? Bill Gates’ father became the head of Planned Parenthood, which doesn’t exactly have a great history of not using eugenics. While PP promotes itself under the guise of accessible services to low-income populations it’s original founder, Margaret Sanger, makes her intentions clear; she wants to sterilize those she does not see fit as raising babies. Not only for the sake of their capabilities or income, but also for their skin color, mental health issues, and those she considers having “objectionable traits.” Globalists throughout history have been known for their gruesome fascination with eugenics, as a way to perfect the population. Hitler was one of the most popular figures of eugenicists that made it into the public eye, however, globalist eugenicists lurk in the shadows, doing their dirty work by the darkness of the night.

    Knowledge is power. When we are aware of the powers that attempt to manipulate and control humanity, we are able to transmute their control and regain our power. For millennia there have been forces set out to do evil to enslave us, and now is the time to stand up in truth and integrity to restore our Sovereignty over ourselves. We come in peace, we stand in knowledge, we love our neighbor, we overcome darkness and bring it into the light. Be empowered and walk your path in peace knowing that each of us can contribute to hope.